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ETCnomad cannot Automatically Update Software to Eos Family Consoles


I have set up a multi-console system with an ETCnomad Primary on a PC or Mac, with Eos Family consoles / ETCnomad Puck or another ETCnomad on another computer as Backup and/or Clients.  I have enabled "Automatically Update Software" in the shell of consoles and ETCnomad.

After updating the Eos software on the ETCnomad Primary, I have reconnected the Backup/Clients.  They connect to the Primary, but then fail to update their software.  They log a message of "Remote installer path not supplied".  At this point, since they have a version mismatch with the Primary, they are not able to communicate with it to control lights or make changes to the showfile.

Description/Explanation of Issue

An ETCnomad Primary on a PC or Mac computer cannot be used to update the software on other Eos Family consoles or ETCnomads.  When in Client or Backup mode, ETCnomad can receive a software update from Eos Family consoles.

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