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ETCnomad Cannot Launch Into Primary, Backup, or Client


When launching ETCnomad, only get the following options: Offline w/ Viz, Mirror, Offline, Settings


In order to use Primary, Backup, or Client modes and output (except in Client), you need to have an ETCnomad dongle/key inserted into the machine you are using to run ETCnomad. The dongle will be a small USB, as pictured below:


ETCnomad Dongle.JPG


If you do not have a dongle for ETCnomad, you can purchase one through an ETC dealer of your choice. A list of ETC dealers can be found with the following link:

If you do have a dongle inserted, you can check to make sure that it is recognized in Device Manager on your PC or System Report on your Mac. You should see a Sentinel object under the USB section:

Device Manager Seeing ETCnomad Dongle.JPG

System Report Seeing Dongle.PNG

If you have a dongle but cannot see it recognized by your computer, please contact ETC Technical Services.

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