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Fader and Programming Wing Compatibility on ETCnomad


See below to find compatibility for the various wings in the Eos Family.

No wings are compatible with Element or Element 2.

Eos Standard Fader Wing and Motorized Fader Wing Compatibility

Eos Motorized Fader Wing 3

Cobalt Motor Wing wide

  • Eos Ti
  • Gio
  • Gio @5
  • Ion (Windows 7 Only)
  • Ion Xe and Ion Xe 20
  • Eos/Ion/Ion Xe Remote Processor Units (Windows 7 Only)
  • RVI/RVI3 (Windows 7 Only)
  • ETCnomad for PC/Mac (Windows 7 or higher / macOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher)
  • ETCnomad Puck

The Eos Standard Fader Wings and Motorized Fader Wings are not compatible with Windows XP

Eos Programming Wing Compatibility

Eos Programming Wing

  • ETCnomad for PC/Mac (Windows 7 or higher / macOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher)
  • Eos/Ion Xe RPU
  • RVI3

The Eos Programming Wing cannot be used with any consoles that have a dedicated face panel or any RPU/RVI running Windows XP

Universal Fader Wing Compatibility

Universal Fader Wing


The Universal Fader Wing is compatible with all Eos Family Hardware and ETCnomad for PC.

The Universal Fader Wing is NOT compatible with Element, Element 2, or ETCnomad for Mac.

Note: When connecting via USB to a Windows 7 based console, it is best to connect to the yellow or black USB ports.  When using the blue USB ports, which are designed for USB 3.0 communication, the use of an external USB v1 hub may be necessary to help facilitate translation to v1.0.   Is My Console XPe or Windows 7?

Maximum Number of Fader Wings Per Console

You can have up to 3 fader wings attached to a console at a time in any combination.

  • 1 Universal Fader Wing, 1 Standard Fader Wing, and 1 Motor Fader Wing
  • 2 Standard Fader Wings, and 1 Motor Fader Wing
  • 3 Motor Fader Wings
  • etc.

The Ion Xe 20 can only support 2 external fader wings as the internal faders count as a wing.


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