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How Do I Change the IP Address on ETCnomad?


I am having trouble connecting to the lighting network with my ETCnomad. I have hard line network running from my computer into the network switch, but I still cannot connect. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

When it launches, ETCnomad will choose a NIC from the available networks your computer is connected to. You will not be able to define which NIC ETCnomad grabs if multiple are available. 



WiFi should be disabled before launching ETCnomad. For show critical purposes, WiFi should not be re-enabled after ETCnomad launches. 

If you want it to select a specific NIC you will need to disable other network connections before launching ETCnomad.

To check that ETCnomad has grabbed the proper network configuration select Settings from the shell and go to the Network tab. Your new IP address will be listed here. 


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