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Minimizing Shell Maintenance Application Causes It to Disappear on ETC Puck


I minimized a Maintenance Application (such as Concert, Face Panel Test, UpdaterAtor, Upgrade I/O Firmware, Gateway Configuration Editor) on my Console and now I can't get it back. The Accept button on the bottom of the screen is grayed out and I can't close the shell.


As of Eos v3.1.3, on consoles running Windows 10 Hardware, if a Maintenance Application is minimized, it is not possible to reveal it again until the console is rebooted. This will be addressed in a future version of software.


  1. Unfortunately, the only way to reboot the console once a Maintenance Application has been minimized is to force the console off by pressing and holding the power button.
  2. If you are worried about losing unsaved changes, a more graceful may be possible by contacting ETC Technical Support.


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