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Element Upgrade I/O Firmware Button Missing


When trying to update firmware on an older I/O card, or Gadget I, there is no Upgrade I/O Firmware button available in the Maintenance tab of the shell settings.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The Upgrade I/O Firmware button runs a small application included with the Eos family console software. When this application cannot be found, the button is removed from the list of options in the Maintenance tab of the shell settings. Since this application is included with the console software, if the software is uninstalled, the button will no longer be available.


  1. Reinstall the Eos Family Console Software using the Software Update option in the shell from either an archived installer or USB drive.
  2. Reboot the console.
  3. Use the Upgrade I/O Firmware option in the shell settings to update the firmware on the I/O card.


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