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Why Does My Element "Go" Button Not Trigger the Cue List?


If I press the "Go" button my cues do not trigger. How can I tell what has been loaded onto the master fader?

Description/Explanation of Issue

Press [Cue] [Cue] to open the Cue List Index, or Tab 16.

As Element can only have one cue list you should see Cue List 1 appearing at the bottom of the page. Under the Fader column is the word "Master" (indicating Master Fader) and a user number. If that user number does not match the user number of your console you will not be able to play through this list via the Master Fader. 

To assign your user number to the Master Fader go to LIVE and type the following:

[Cue] [1] [/] [Load]

This will load cue list 1 onto the Master Fader under your user number. 

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