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Which facepanel keys are backlit on Element 2


Which facepanel keys are backlit on Element 2 ?


Unlike on other consoles from the Eos console family, not all facepanel keys on Element 2 are designed to be backlit. Here is a picture that shows which keys can be illuminated:


Element  Facepanel dark.jpg


A good way to compare this more clearly is the facepanel test app found in the Eos E.C.U. ( aka "Shell" ) under the Maintenance tab. All keys, that have the little circle in their respective key symbol, should be lit when pressing them in this test app.


Element Facepanel test.jpg

(When finished in this test app, you can just close this window and select either "Accept" or "Cancel" to close the Shell window.

If keys are not lit that should be lit according to this article, please contact ETC's Technical Service or an Authorized Service partner.

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