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Setting the Power Supply Switch on Eos Apex Processor Motherboards


My Apex Console or Apex Processor will randomly shut itself off, sometimes not power up, or will reboot while shutting down or powering up.


The Apex Console and Processor use different types of power supplies, and there's a switch on the motherboard set for one or the other that can potentially be bumped into an incorrect position causing the power management circuit to get indeterminate information, thus causing intermittent power control, mysterious shut downs, or not power up at all. 


  1. Power off console and remove the power cable.
  2. Open up the console's Control Panel:
    1. Opening the Control Panel on Eos Apex Consoles for Service
  3.  Look at S5 on the motherboard behind the power input connectors (front left of board when looking from the front of the console/processor).
    1. On Eos Apex Consoles, this switch must be firmly forward in the ATX position as pictured.
    2. On Eos Apex Processor, this switch must be firmly back in the Aux position as pictured.
    3. If the switch is already in the correct position, cycle it to the opposite position and then slide it back to the correct position for your device
  4. Once corrected, it may take some time leaving the console/processor powered off for things to normalize, and/or you may need to power it on and off a few times before it resets and operates correctly.



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