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How to Open an Eos Classic for Service


Occasionally you will need to open your Eos Classic console in order to remove dust and/or service it.  Opening the main compartment of this desk is fairly simple.


There are two flat head screws on the Eos which must be loosened in order to open the desk.  These are captured screws, and will pop out, but not remove completely.  One of these is at each side of the console, near the front, as pictured below.

Eos Classic Side Screw Closed.jpg


When it is loosened it will pop out as below:

Eos Classic Side Screw Open.jpg


The console will now open like a car hood would.  Simply grip the front edge of the wrist rest and lift to open the desk.  When opened all the way the arms will latch into place. Make sure they are latched all the way. If not pull the arm to make sure its seated all the way. 


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