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Re-Image Instructions | Element with 2 DVI Ports | No Backup/Restore

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Required Materials

  • USB Re-Imaging Drive
    • (provided by ETC)
    • This should have a label of 4250D1014-x.x.x
  • A separate USB Drive
    • Used to backup show files and existing settings
  • USB Keyboard
  • USB Mouse


This process will completely wipe your console's hard drive. It will not be possible to restore shows or settings.

Re-Image Your Console

 One Time Boot into ETC Console Image Utility

  1. Power off your console.
  2. Insert the USB Re-Imaging Drive (provided by ETC) into one of the USB ports on the rear of the console. 
  3. Ensure your USB keyboard is plugged in to one of the rear USB ports as well.
  4. Begin repeatedly tapping the [F11] key on your USB keyboard. While repeatedly tapping [F11], power on the console. Continue to tap [F11] until the console boots to the white and blue Boot screen.
  5. Use the [Down] arrow key on your USB keyboard to highlight the line beginning with "USB" in white and press [ENTER] on your USB keyboard.

The name of the USB drive may be different than pictured here. Do not select the line beginning with "SATA"

  1. The console will boot through the following screens:





  1. Once the console gets to the purple screen, press any key to continue.



Re-Install the Disk Image

  1. Turn off NumLock on your keyboard.
  2. A screen asking you to choose your device type will appear.
    1. Press [L] to select "Element Console".
  1. After 10-15 minutes, the following screen will appear. Press any key on your USB keyboard to continue and your console will reboot.


The USB imaging drive should remain in the console for installation of software. Do not remove it until the process is complete. 

Automated Console Setup Utility

  1. After a few seconds, the console will boot into the Automated Console Setup Utility. After a few more minutes, it will initialize and begin installing software from the imaging USB drive.
  2. The console will reboot into the Automated Console Setup Utility several times while it installs various software and configures various components.
  1. The console will boot up into the Eos Family Software and the imaging process will be complete.
  2. The Eos Family USB Imaging Drive can now be removed.
  1. Once the re-image process is complete, you will need to load the latest version of Eos software from the installer archive.
    1. Exit out to the Shell.
      1. Double-tap the [Displays] key to open the Browser and double-click the line that says Exit.
      2. Tap {OK} when prompted.
    2. Once in the Shell, tap on {Settings} and navigate to {General} on the right.
    3. Tap {Software Update...}.
    4. Select the latest version of software at "D:\InstallerArchive\ETC_EosFamily_v2.9.X.X.exe" and tap {Install}.
    5. Follow the prompts on the screen to install the software.
    6. After installation has completed, the device will restart.


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