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Encoder Replacement for Ti


Jarod Eos Ti.png


Things you will need.

#1 Phillips screwdriver

#2 Phillips screwdriver

Flat head screwdriver

Crescent wrench

1/16 allen wrench

4300A2002 Haptic Encoder Assembly


Let’s get started.  

To open the unit, please turn the two locks on the bottom front a quarter turn clockwise with a flat head screw driver.


Jarod Opening Ti.png

Next, remove the cables from the encoders by pressing on the tab.

Jarod Encoder Underside.png

Jarod Pan Tilt Underside.png


Jarod Circled Encoder Screw.png

There are two metal brackets that hold the encoders in place. To remove the knobs, remove the 3 marked screws.

 Jarod Metal Bracket.png

Push on the bottom of the encoder. This will reveal the set screw that holds the knob from the side. Use the 1/16 Allen wrench to loosen up the screw to remove the knob.


Jarod Remove Encoder Knob.png

Now that the encoder knobs are removed, you will be able to remove the encoders from the face panel. Take the #2 phillips screw driver and remove the 4 screws that hold the bracket in place.


Jarod screw close up.png

Make sure you keep it all together at this point. There will be two metal plates. One plate holds the encoders in place and the other is what the encoders are attached to.


Jarod Encoders In Bracket.png

Set the encoders down with the shafts facing the table. Remove the top bracket.

Jarod Encoders Out of Bracket.png


You will have to make sure you put this back in the same orientation as you removed it. Now you can use the crescent wrench to remove the nut that holds the encoder to the metal bracket.


Jarod Encoder Ring.png

Make sure the locking tab is sitting in a hole in the bracket.


 Jarod Removed Encoder.pngJarod Locking Tab.png


To put it back, follow the steps in reverse.


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