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Eos Ti Circuit Boards Have Lost Firmware Are Unresponsive- Reloading Firmware Manually


It is possible that an individual component circuit board of certain consoles (see below) may need their firmware reloading manually. In rare cases, a board can lose its firmware, causing it to stop functioning - for example, this could present as a non-functional facepanel or playback section (Go button & master faders), or a loss of output from the DMX board.


It is sometimes possible for the user to reload this firmware with guidance from ETC Technical Service. Please contact your local ETC office using the information on this page: Technical Support (including out of hours, if urgent), with your console's serial number at hand, and we will assess your situation. Please be aware that, depending on the cause of the problem, it may not be fixable in the field, and the console may need to be returned to ETC via your dealer.


Applicable Hardware

This manual reload applies (in specific situations) to Gio@5, Ion XE and XE20, Element 2, Gadget II, and certain components of Eos Ti, Gio, and original Ion and Element. ETC technical service will be able to determine the best solution for your console.



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