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Replacing Playback Key Caps on Ti

Determine Version of Playback Circuit Board

The replacement key caps are different based on the revision of the circuit board installed in the console. Unfortunately, key caps are not interchangeable between the two versions so it is important to know which version to order.

Step 1: Power down the console
Step 2: Unplug the console from mains power
Step 3: Lower the display panel completely.
Step 4: Open the face panel by turning the 2 locks on the bottom of the chassis.


Step 5: Examine the color of the circuit board of the Playback buttons. It will either be black or blue.
Step 6: Lower the console face panel and lock it closed.

Parts to Order

If your circuit board is Black:
  • You will need to order part 4350K1009 Ti Enhanced Cherry Playback PCBs Kit as the individual key caps are no longer available for replacement.
    • Follow the included Retrofit Guide for detailed instructions on the retrofit process.
If your circuit board is Blue:
  • Determine which key cap(s) you need to replace and order the appropriate part number(s):
    • Top Row Keys Labeled 1-5: 4240A2032
    • Top Row Keys Labeled 6-10: 4240A2033
    • Top Row Wide Key Labeled Master: 4390A2007
    • Middle/Bottom Row Keys Labeled with Play Symbol and Stop Symbol: 4240A2031 (Set of 5 pairs, order Qty. 2 per console)
    • Middle Row Wide Key Labeled with Stop Symbol: 4390A2005
    • Bottom Row Wide Key Labeled with Play Symbol: 4390A2006
  • Also recommended to order is a Key Cap Puller: I503

Key Cap Replacement Process

  1. To remove existing caps, gently place the key cap puller around the key cap and pull straight up.
    1. When removing caps from locations surrounded completely by the face-panel, first insert one side of the key cap puller. Then gently move the other side of the puller into place and pull straight up to remove.
  2. To place new caps, align the new cap to the post and press onto the post. Press key cap a couple of times to ensure cap is fully seated


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