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Eos 3.0.0 and the IO Section of the Test App for Gio


When Eos 3.0.0 is installed on a machine, it also installs the Face Panel Test App version  This version of the test app is not able to output DMX via local DMX ports or Gadget/Gadget II. 

Explanation of Issue

No matter the level of the DMX fader in v4.2.0.3 of the test app, only zeros can ever be sent.  RDM devices can still be discovered but levels cannot be altered. 

How to Determine What Version of the Test App You Are Running

To determine which version of the Face Panel Test or Peripheral Test App you are running, you must first open the app.

  1. First go to {Settings} in the shell.  
  2. Navigate to {Maintenance}.
  3. On a console you will see {Face Panel Test} while on ETCnomad you will see {Peripheral Test}.  Click to open the app.
  4. The Log tab at the top will show the version.


  1. Console that shipped from the factory running v3.0.0 will have test app version installed, which works without issues.
  2. Customer can run the test app from v2.9.1 (v4.0.1.5) and it will work without issue.  You can switch to v2.9.1 on consoles via the {Maintenance} tab in the shell.
  3. Customers can contact ETC Technical Support to be sent an installer for version of the test app.



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