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Pre-UCB Gio Boot Issues after Unplugging or Hard Power Switch Turned Off


Click here for the article regarding "What is a UCB vs pre-UCB console?" 


Pre-UCB Gio will start up as soon as power is re-applied (plugged in, or hard power switch turned on) without pressing the soft power button on the face panel.  It will then display, on the right screen, a text message: "Intel (tm) ME unconfiguration in progress . . ."

After a short time, the console will shut down, and you can power it up normally.

Description/Explanation of Issue

The memory battery is too low to remember configuration data.  You might notice the clock failing to keep time while the console is unplugged or the hard power is turned off before the above symptom occurs.  It will remember the time when console power was removed, and proceed from there.


Replace the memory battery with a standard CR2032 battery, available from hardware or drug stores.  It is also available as ETC part number BT130.

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