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What Happens When I Remove the BIOS Battery in a Gio @5?


My console is being transported via air and the BIOS (CMOS) battery must be removed during transport. 


The BIOS (CMOS) battery stores persistent memory for BIOS and the Date/Time/Location settings for your console. Removing this battery and putting it back in will cause these features to reset to defaults. Unless otherwise altered by an end user, the BIOS settings on your console are also the default settings. 

The BIOS (CMOS) battery does not store data for the Show File Archive, however it is highly recommended that the Show File Archive is backed up onto an external drive before the console is transported.  

Replacement Battery

New BIOS (CMOS) batteries can be purchased at your local hardware store.

Please check your console and purchase the appropriate style of replacement battery.


Early models


Later models

CR2032 CR2032W

n.b. connector orientation


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