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Ion does not Boot


  • My Ion isn't fully booting up, it's getting stuck on either a blank screen, the Ion Splash screen, or nothing at all.
  • My Ion is beeping three times when booting up
  • My Ion's LCD screen and LED indicator lights are flashing every couple of seconds. 

Description/Explanation of Issue

There could be a mixture of either hardware or software failures with the console.

Depending on the failure, it could be simply a problem with an internal piece that needs to be reseated.


  1. Make sure all your power and display connections are fully seated on the back of the console.
  2. Remove any extraneous USB devices that are not vital to the operation of the console and try booting.
  3. If we're not getting any kind of reaction from the console, such as not hearing fan from inside the console, this could be a bad Power Supply Unit (PSU).
  4. If you can hear the fan spinning up, but still not seeing anything on the screens, or you are hearing three beeps, we will have to open the console up.
  5. Follow the video tutorial for opening and inspecting your Ion here
  6. After we followed these steps, we if are still not getting anything on the displays, then it will be time for an RMA with your preferred dealer
  7. If the console's LCD screen and LED lights continue to flash, this may be an issue with the power supply. 
  8. If you are getting a Splash Screen, but the console is not booting past it, this may be a case where the console has a failed Hard Drive or needs to be re-imaged.
  9. If you would like to Re-Image the console, you will want to contact ETC Technical Services to have them ship you a re-image kit.
  10. Otherwise, the console will need ot be sent in under an RMA for repair. Contact your preferred ETC Dealer.
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