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Universal Fader Wing docking problems


Universal Fader Wings will not connect to an ION console while docked. The Universal Fader Wing will connect if used with an external power supply and USB cable.


There are a couple possible causes for this issue. One setting in BIOS, the other is a connection issue caused by the paint on the interlocking metal.


  1. This fix is only for ION consoles that have a DVI splitter.
  2. While the console is powering on enter the BIOS by pressing [F2] repeatedly on an external USB keyboard when the ETC splash screen is displayed.
  3. Once at the main BIOS screen, arrow right once to the "Advanced" tab then arrow down to USB configuration, press [Enter].

  4. Arrow down to "USB 2.0" and press [Enter].

  5. Arrow down to "Disable" and press [Enter].

  6. After USB 2.0 is disabled, press [F10] and then [y] to exit saving changes.


***Note*** This problem is usually found the first time a console and a fader wing are docked for the first time.

  1. The USB/power connection that is located on the inside of the interlocking metal between the ION and the fader wing might have paint that is not allowing the ION and wing to properly align. The paint can be on both the ION and the fader wing and this is usually when the problem occurs.
  2. If there is paint on the interlocking metal, replace the part.            

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