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Unplugging fader wing while connected to Ion console can freeze the facepanel


  • You have an Aaeon Ion console (2 NICs)
  • The fader wing is connected to a USB 3.0 port (blue connector)
  • You have an upgraded universal fader wing (orange connector)
  • You unplug the power supply to the wing before unplugging USB

This causes the facepanel to freeze until reboot.

This is a known issue. We do not support hot swapping the wings, and so live disconnect while is not an expected situation.

You may wish to inspect the internal USB connections and ensure they are landed on the correct 4 or 5 pin headers. The issue may still continue regardless:

Console USB Connections Processor (RVI/RPU) USB Connections
Facepanel; 5-pin Front Facepanel; 5-pin
Front USB Port; 4-pin Front USB Port; 4-pin
I/O Card; 5-pin I/O Card; 5-pin
  Dongle Connection
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