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Updating Modules on Ion


You may receive a message when starting up your console that a module requires a firmware update. This module will also appear in the Detected Modules window in the shell in red text with the note "(Update Needed)". Follow these steps to update the module to the latest firmware version.

This example shows an Element 2 Fader module. Different console types have different modules, but the procedure to update them is the same. If a module is not appearing at all in Detected Modules or you see a module called "BOOTLOADER", follow the link at the bottom of the page to troubleshoot missing modules.


  • Double-tap the [Displays] key to open the browser.
  • Double-click on Exit to exit Eos and access the shell, also known as the ECU.
  • Select {OK}.
  • Select {Settings}.
  • Select {Maintenance} at the top right. Look for the Detected Modules section at the bottom of the screen.
  • Modules listed in white text are up to date. Colors other than white indicate an update is available.
    • Red text indicates a required update that should be installed immediately.
    • Yellow text indicates an available non-critical update.
  • Select the module; it will appear highlighted in gold. Select {Update}.
  • The Important Update Information dialog will display. Select {OK}.
  • The Update In Progress dialog may display and the module may disappear from Detected Modules during the update on some Eos versions. Do not interrupt this process until the module reappears in Detected Modules and this dialog disappears.
  • Upon reappearing in Detected Modules, the module should now be in white text with the latest firmware version listed.
  • When all modules are up to date, click {Accept} at the bottom of the screen.
  • Boot the console back into {Primary}. All the console's internal modules will now be running their latest firmware.
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