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Ion Xe Power Supply or Fan Clicking Noise


Some customers have reported hearing a loud fan noise or rapid clicking sound coming from the rear of their Ion Xe console near the power input.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This sound is typically not a fan, but rather a small relay on the power supply quickly going on and off, creating a loud, rapid clicking sound similar to a fan with something stuck in it.


  1. Ion Xe consoles shipped after March 2018 should not experience this issue.
  2. If you have a console from before this date that is experiencing this issue, please contact ETC Technical Services to get your console repaired.
  3. If you have a console from after this data which is experiencing a clicking, it may actually be the CPU cooler fan.  This would produce a much quieter clicking than the power supply.  If this is the case, please contact ETC Technical Services to set up service.
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