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Replacing Wrist Rest on IonXE or IonXE 20

Description/Explanation of Issue

Replacing the wrist rest on an IonXE or IonXE 20 can be an involved process. Here are the steps to remove the wrist rest and replace it. 


  1. Open up your IonXE console following  this article.

  2. Flip console onto its feet, making sure to support the bottom of the console while you are doing this. IMG_4217.jpg

  3. Open the console so that the facepanel is like shownIMG_4218.jpg

  4. Remove these three screws on the left sideIMG_4219.jpgIMG_4222.jpeg

  5. Remove these three screws on the right sideIMG_4220.jpgIMG_4223.jpeg

  6. Remove these five screws holding in the wrist restIMG_4221.jpgIMG_4224.jpeg

  7. Remove screws holding bracket on wrist restIMG_4225.jpegIMG_4226.jpeg

  8. Replace wrist rest
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