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Half-Moon Keys Feel Sticky or Squeaky on Eos Programming Wing


Some customers have reported that the half-moon buttons (which are the clear buttons to the right of the master playback pair) may feel a bit sticky, or make a slight squeaking sound when depressed, or may remain stuck down because they are trapped under the facepanel metal. This is not the case when the button is depressed directly in the center, but may be the case when it is hit on the edge or side of the key.

Description/Explanation of Issue

We shipped in this configuration for quite some time, but do have a release that fixes it.
If you have a unit that shipped while this problem was present, a fix was released on March 25, 2019.  The Button Guide Upgrade Kit can be installed to alleviate the issue. The kit is ETC part number 4311K1020.

This problem existed on Programming Wing when it is the "enhanced" version with the 4 DMX I/O board, Ion Xe, and Ion Xe 20.  Pushing as close to the center of the button as possible is ideal to avoid the problem.

A note regarding the Upgrade Kit: while the service note instructs the installer not to discard the nuts from the original board as they will be reused for installing the new board, the kit provides spare nuts in the case that the original pieces are lost during the upgrade.


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