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Net3 Radio Focus Remote (RFR) Startup Modes

When the RFR starts up, it can be put into a variety of different modes by holding down keys on the keypad. A summary of those modes is shown here.



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Software Upgrade Mode

  • Screen Displays "Remote boot Version0.3"


  RFR Setup Mode

  • Set frequency, net id, signal strength, backlight timer, reset defaults.
  • Softkeys are Prev, Next, Save, and Default

Default Settings: HF 1, Net Id 1, HF Power +18dBm, Backlight time 1 min. 


  Range Test Mode

  • Remote connects to closest base
  • Any key press will generate feedback on signal strength.
  • Remote will switch bases 


  Console Selection Mode

  • Allows user to choose between Direct USB mode, Base USB mode, and available host consoles.
  • Base USB mode is only presented as an option when an Base connected via USB is detected.


  Base Station List Mode

  • Provides signal strength to all available bases in a list format.
  • Provides feedback from bases in Master, Slave or USB mode. 
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