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Net3 RFR Batteries FAQ

Q: What kind of rechargable batteries does the Net3 RFR use?

A: The Net3 RFR uses 2 AA NiMH batteries (Nickel-Metal-Hydride).  While the device can use non-rechargable AA batteries (alkaline), do NOT plug a device using alkaline batteries in via USB -- the batteries may rupture or explode.

Q: How do I change the batteries on my RFR?

A: There are four screws, two on each side of the unit. Remove them, and the front cover will slide off, revealing the batteries.

Q: Is there an ETC part number for the batteries?

A: Yes.  The part number is BT139 (it is a single battery). 

Q: Can I use Lithium Ion batteries instead?

A: No. The charging circuit is not designed for Li-Ion batteries and may damage the batteries, the unit, and the user.

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