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Accessing Lamp Controls in Eos


My fixture needs to have Lamp On command applied to turn on, where do I execute that command in Eos?

How do I access my lamp control options in Eos?


There are 2 ways to access the Lamp Controls area for fixtures with lamp control options such as Lamp On, Lamp Off, and Fixture Global Reset:

  • Tab 31 (Lamp Controls)
  • Lamp Controls tab within fixture About screen


To access via Tab 31:

  • In Live, select the fixture: <chan> [X] [Enter]
  • Select the + tab to open another tab, select Lamp 31 under the Controls options


  • Hold down [Tab] while entering [3] [1] to open tab 31


To access via the About section:

  • In Live, select the fixture: <chan> [X] [Enter]
  • Enter [About] to access the About screen for the fixture
  • Select the 'Lamp Controls' button from the right side of the About section

Lamp Controls About.JPG