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Can Eos output universes 129 - 63999 ?


Universe numbers higher than 128 are not being output, but can still be patched.

Explanation of Issue

Some Eos family consoles may have a default address range limit of 1 through 65536 which results in not outputting universes higher than 128 (512 addresses per universe * 128 universes = 65536 total addresses). This number is unrelated to the "System Count" which is defined by the console's dongle.


Eos Software version 2.3.3 is required to enable outputting universes 129 through 999.

Eos Software version 2.6.0 or higher will enable outputting up to 63999 universes.


  1. Exit Eos software and go to Shell E.C.U. (aka "Shell Setup")
  2. Navigate to "Network" and scroll down to "Output Protocols"
  3. In the "Allowed Output Addresses" text fields, edit "65536" and change to a higher desired number. The maximum number is 32767488 (512 addresses per universe * 63999 universes = 32767488 total addresses). More than one range may be created.

Please note that Eos will output 256 consecutive sACN universes from the first patched universe using sACN. The System Count number defined by the console's dongle is always the limit of how many addresses can be output in total - regardless of the number set in this menu.

Allowed Output Addresses.png
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