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Can I Rename Frames Within Existing Gobo Wheels?


I would like to change the label for a gobo frame on a pre-existing wheel in Eos. Is this possible? 


No. You cannot edit the names of frames within existing wheels. 


If you have a copy of the gobo image on a computer, you can import that image as a custom gobo into Eos. When importing custom gobo images, the name of the file will become the name of the custom gobo. If you do not already have a copy of the gobo image on a computer, it is not possible to export the gobo images from Eos.


  1. Name the file as the desired name of the gobo.
  2. Copy that file onto the root directory of a USB stick.
  3. Insert USB stick into your console.
  4. Import a custom gobo image into your show file. 

In Patch you may now edit a copy of the existing gobo wheel.

  1. Select a frame you wish to change and click Edit.
  2. Navigate to Custom in the manufacturer category.
  3. Click on your imported custom gobo. 


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