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Cannot Resize Target Status Columns in Live Summary


Attempting to resize any column in the Target Status portion of a Live (Summary or Table) tab will result in graphical glitches while trying to move the column, and the column will ultimately revert to its original size. This can result in truncated data depending on the width and resolution of your monitor.

Description/Explanation of Issue

A bug in Eos software versions 2.7.0 to 2.7.3 prevents resizing Target Status columns directly. However, these column sizes and arrangement are determined by the default Playback Status Display, which will be Tab 2.


  1. Open the default Playback Status Display.
    1. The default PSD can be defined by right clicking a non-default PSD tab (one that has a decimal point after the 2) and selecting Set Current as Default.
  2. Resize or rearrange columns as desired. The new columns will reflect on the Target Status bar as well.
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