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Channel Values Won't Record and have 'N' in tile


Some or all channel values--possibly including non-intensity parameters--are not recording into cues, subs, or palettes. Values that won't record are displayed in gray and accompanied by a small "N" in the upper-right hand corner of their tombstone or table cell.


Description/Explanation of Issue

Parameters can be filtered, allowing you to exclude certain parameters when recording channel values. When filtered, they will not record into anything in your showfile, including cues, submasters, palettes, and presets. Channels with filtered parameters will be marked with an "N" in their tombstone, or in the filtered parameters' cells when in the Live Table display. If you want to record filtered values again, you must clear the filters.

If your channels do not appear with the Null marker on their tombstone and you are still unable to record those channels into cues, your cue list may be partitioned.


  1. Click "Filters" in the parameter tiles in the CIA. It will blink when you are selecting filters. Currently filtered parameters are highlighted when in filter selection mode, and the parameter category buttons will display "Filter On" in red text when any corresponding parameter is filtered.
  2. Click "Clear Filter" to clear all currently filtered parameters, or click on individual highlighted parameters to undo them one by one.
  3. Click "Filters" again to exit the filter selection mode.
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