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Channels Patched Between Address 257-512 Do Not Output


Channels patched between DMX addresses 257-512 on local DMX ports will not output from the console. Allowed Output Addresses is not limiting these addresses.

Description/Explanation of Issue

By default, Dimmer Doubling support on local DMX ports reserves DMX addresses 257-512 for the "B-side" of dimmers in a Sensor rack with Dimmer Doubling enabled. This allows you to patch dimmer 1A and 1B as DMX addresses 1 and 257, respectively. However, this means that those addresses will be unavailable when trying to patch them directly.


  1. Check the Local DMX Output settings on your console.
    1. On Eos software 2.7.0 and higher, these settings are located under Setup -> System -> Output
    2. On Eos software 2.6.4 and lower, these settings are located in the Shell settings in the Local I/O tab
  2. Make sure that Doubled is unchecked or set to No for the affected ports.
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