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Color Mixing Red, Green, and Blue Submasters on Eos Family


The process below will walk you through how to program a set of submasters to allow you to color mix.

By default, Eos will home color parameters for channels to full. Because of this, if you were to record 3 submasters with just Red at full in the first sub, just Green at full in the second sub, and just Blue at full in the third, when you go to control those submasters, it will appear as if your channels are staying white.

These steps will allow you to record single parameters for channels into submasters, and will walk you through homing the color parameters to zero.


A note for Element users: The process described below will require you to be running at least Eos version 2.6. 

Steps to Solution

Creating a Home Preset

  1. Set color parameters for your color mixing fixtures to zero.
    1. Select at least one of each type of color mixing fixture and set it to full. This type refers to the "Type" column in the Patch Screen.  The fixture(s) should turn on in white.
    2. Select and set each color parameter for your selected channels to zero. The parameter selection buttons are found on your primary screen just to the left of the Browser.  If you do not see them, double-tap [Displays].
    3. After the last color parameter is at 0, your fixtures should not be outputting any light even though the console says it at FL.
      1. It may be helpful to view your channels in a table format to see all individual parameter values.  If you are in the "Live Summary" tab, press [Format] to switch to "Live Table".  Pressing [Format] again will toggle back to "Live Summary".
  2. Selectively record a preset for the channels above.
    1. <Chan> [1] [Thru] [1] [0] {Color} [Record] [Preset] [9] [9] [9] {By Type} [Enter]
      1. {Color} can be found to the left of the browser in the CIA, or by pressing [Shift]+[Color].
      2. On Element desks, the "Preset" command is accessed by pressing [Shift]+[Intensity Pallet].
  3. Navigate to Setup>System Settings>System. Then select the {Home Preset} tile and set it to be the the same preset you recorded above.
  4. Test your home preset
    1. Tap [Live] and enter [Clear][Sneak][Enter]. Then set your color mixing channels to full. When you do this, your channels should not actually output light even though they are at FL.

Recording Color Mixing Submasters

The easiest way to make these submasters is in BLIND.

  1. Tap [Blind]
  2. Select the submaster you wish to create.
    1. [Sub] [1] [Enter]
  3. Select the channel(s) single color parameter and set it to full.
    1. <Chan> [1] [Thru] [1] [0] {Red} [At] [Full] [Enter]
  4. Repeat steps 2 and three, assigning a color parameter to full for each submaster (so for the next one start with [Sub][2][Enter] and continue).
  5. Hop into live and test your submasters. As long as the channels those submasters control are at full, you'll be able to mix color using your submasters.

NOTE: If you choose to record these submasters in Live instead of Blind, selective record will be necessary.  Start by setting all color parameters to full, and then selectively recording each into a submaster.  <Chan>[1][Thru][10]{Red}{Green}{Blue}[At][Full][Enter].  [Select Last]{Red}[Record][Sub][#][Enter].  {Blue}[Record][Sub][#][Enter].  Continue in this manner.

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