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Configuring An Eos Family Console To Output UDP Strings To Paradigm

An Eos-family console or ETCnomad running Eos software can be configured to output UDP Strings.  ETC Paradigm systems can be configured to receive and act upon those UDP strings to perform standard actions like activating a Preset or running a Paradigm Macro.

Caution-Icon.png For Paradigm to be configured to receive strings, you will need to contact an Authorized Service Provider.  Please contact your ETC dealer or ETC Technical Services for further assistance.

In Eos, a string suitable for controlling Paradigm can be sent via a Cue or Macro.

Several steps must be taken to enable output of UDP strings from Eos software:

  • UDP Strings & OSC must be enabled in the Shell ECU for the Eos NIC that is on the lighting network with Paradigm: Enabling Serial
  • String UDP Tx must be enabled and configured in Eos software in Setup > System > Show Control > String UDP: String UDP
    • The {String TX Port} and {String TX IP Address} must be set to the Paradigm PACP's port and IP address.
  • Cues or Macros edited to Execute Strings: Sending Strings

Here is an example for sending a UDP String via a Cue:

  • Select a recorded Cue in the Cue List.
  • Press the {Execute} softkey.
  • Press the {String} softkey. (A keyboard will appear)
  • Type in the ASCII string that will be sent to Paradigm.  This string will depend on how Paradigm is configured and may follow a standard (Paradigm Serial Access Protocol or PSAP) or may be a custom string defined in the Paradigm configuration.
  • For this example we will use a stardard PSAP Preset Activate command.  This script will activate the Preset called P1 - Day in the Global Paradigm Space (project wide).
    • pst act P1 - Day

Serial Strings must include an End of Message Character.  Systems use this Character or Characters to determine when a complete message has been received.

  • Paradigm is typically configured to use an End of Message Character of carriage return (denoted <CR> or its hexadecimal equivalent 0d).  By default, Eos String messages end with carriage return+line feed (denoted <CR>+<LF> or 0d 0a).  Eos strings can be modified to use the End of Message character typically expected by Paradigm: 
    • CR termination = \x0d
      • Add at end of ASCII string with no spaces
        • Example:  pst act P1 - Day\x0d
    • A single Line Feed LF character is \x0a
      • Add at end of ASCII string with no spaces
        • Example:  pst act P1 - Day\x0a

Eos can also send strings via an object on a Magic Sheet.  However, strings sent from a Magic Sheet object always end with a null character \x00 which is unsuitable for controlling Paradigm.

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