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Cue Duration Time Longer than Cue Time


My cue time is showing as I programmed it, but the duration time is twice as long.


In the Eos Family Software Playback Display (PSD) tab, there are two separate columns.  the Cue timing is adjustable directly, but the duration sets itself using internal mathematics.  The most likely reason the Duration time would be twice as long as the cue's programmed time is due to marking, or Non-intensity parameters (pan, tilt, color, zoom, etc.) are preparing for the next cue while the fixture Intensity is at 0.  

Marking is a feature that allows the next scene to come up without seeing moving lights and color-changing lights jumping across the stage and through various hues before settling on the scene that was programmed.  By default, Eos Family consoles have Auto-Mark enabled.  This means that the console will add the mark feature to a cue as needed throughout programming if various criteria are met by the design. The "Mark Time" is equal to the cue time.  This mark time is added to the cue time to give you the total duration for the cue to complete and marking to complete.  

If the next cue is fired before the auto-marking has completed, both cues in the PSD will be seen counting down through their respective durations.  This is only an issue, if the next cue was fired before the Mark had time to complete and fixture are seen jumping to position with light output.  It is generally not a problem.  

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