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Cursor Stuck on Monitor and Not Moving to Other Monitor


Console using multiple monitors, and while they all show proper information, cursor will not move between monitors


The monitor arrangement section in general settings allows you to move the monitors around in relation to each other

Ex: you can have 2 monitors stacked or side by side

If the monitors are arranged differently in the software as opposed to how they are in real life, the cursor will not move between them the way you would expect

Ex: if you have two monitors side by side in real life, but the left one is one top of the right one in the monitor arrangement settings, you will get the cursor to show in the left monitor by moving it out of the right monitor's top side

Steps to Solution

  1. From the show file, navigate to 'Browser' -> 'Exit'
  2. In the Welcome Screen, choose 'Settings'
  3. In Settings, navigate to 'General' -> 'Monitor Arrangement'
  4. In Monitor Arrangement, click 'Identify' to determine which monitor is which on the grid
  5. Move the monitors to the positions that you want and click 'Apply'
  6. If prompted to keep or discard changes, choose to keep them
  7. Close out of Monitor Arrangement, click 'Accept' at the bottom of the page, and navigate back to your desired running mode (Primary, Client, Backup, or Offline)
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