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Where to Find DMX Port Output Configuration Based on Eos Family Software Version


I can't find the DMX port settings after updating by console to v2.7.0.

I don't have the Local I/O settings page in the Shell Settings anymore.


With the release of Eos Family Console software version 2.7.0, we moved the DMX output settings, along with other common system settings, to a more beneficial location that does not require you to exit your show file to change.  You can find these settings in the Setup menu.  


Where to locate DMX settings in Eos version 2.6.4 or lower

  1. In the File Browers, go to File > Exit
  2. Select Settings from the Welcome Screen menu
  3. Select Local I/O in the upper right corner

Where to locate DMX settings in Eos version 2.7.0 and above

  1. In the File Browser, go to Displays > Setup
  2. Select System Settings
  3. Select Output