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ETCnomad Offline, Windows 8, and HASP Drivers Pre 2.1.0


EOS Version 2.1.x does not support Windows 8.

There are very few known issues however, and we have heard reports of sites running Windows 8 successfully with EOS Family client software.

That said, with Windows 8 support not officially in EOS Family Offline/Client preceeding v2.1.x, customers attempting to use a client kit may need to download Windows 8 compatible drivers from the SafeNet website. The version we built into EOS v2.2 is 6.60.

This means that Windows 8 support for EOS Offline/Client and an installer that includes appropriate drivers for Win8 will not be in EOS 2.1, and is added in 2.2.

If you would like to give Windows 8 a try with an EOS version of 2.1.x or earlier, you will need to download the Sentinel HASP/LDK Windows GUI Run-time Installer.

The link for this driver can be found below.


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