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ETCnomad Eos for Mac Not Outputting in v3


When running ETCnomad Eos software on a Mac computer you may not see any output via network nor connection to another console in v3.0.0 and above, but may have full output in v2.9.x. In the About display, the computer's IP reports as "No Network Available," even though the shell settings report an online network port.

Explanation of Issue

The minimum supported macOS version for ETCnomad v2.9.2 and v3.0.0 is macOS Mojave (10.14).  While we cannot prevent Eos from being installed on earlier versions of the OS, it is not supported.  Starting in v3 a symptom of this is that Eos will not output via network nor connect to another console/ETCnomad as a backup or client. 


Update macOS to version 10.14 of higher.

This is the minimum supported version for Eos v3.x but will change over time.  Please check the Eos Family Software Release Note for your version to find the minimum supported OS version).

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