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Eos Can't Update Software


Some people have reported that when they attempt to update Eos Family Software on their console it appears to update but when it boots up the next time it still reports the same software version.  When this occurs the installer will run very quickly, almost as if it isn't attempting to install files.

Description/Explanation of Issue

This issue seems to be caused by an issue in a registry file.  We have created an installer you can run to change this file and then be able to safely install the updated Eos software.


  1. To obtain the fix for the broken installer, please contact Technical Services.  We would be happy to send this to you via e-mail.  
  2. If you prefer, a re-imaging kit can be shipped instead.  This is a USB stick and some instructions which will completely wipe and restore the consoles hard drive.  To obtain this kit please contact Technical Services.  Have the serial number of your console ready and we can ship a kit free of charge.

Related Links/References

  • For technical support in the Americas, 
    please call 608-831-4116 
    or toll-free in the U.S. at 800-688-4116       

    For technical support in Europe, The Middle East & Africa                                   
    please call (+44) (0) 208 753 0984 

    For technical support in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Eastern Europe & Russia 
    please call (+49) 8024 4700-0 

    For technical support in Asia, 
    please call (+852) 2799 1220

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