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Eos ETCnomad v3.0.x Unable to Upgrade Dongle


I have purchased an upgrade code from my ETC Dealer, and when I click on {Upgrade Dongle} in the shell of Eos v3.0.x nothing happens, and I cannot enter my code.  

Explanation of Issue

There is not necessarily anything wrong with your ETCnomad dongle.  It is most likely that you are running into a bug in the Eos software that will not allow the Upgrade tool to run.  This issue was resolved in Eos 3.1.0 and higher, so updating your console should fix the problem. If updating isn't an option, continue reading for a workaround.

This issue only occurs when earlier versions of Eos have not been installed on your computer.  If you have a v2.x  of Eos installed and are still having issues, please contact Technical Support as you are likely not experiencing this bug.


Installing Eos Family Software v2.9 and running the shell of that version will allow you to upgrade your dongle.  Once the upgrade has been performed you will be able to use the upgraded dongle with any version of Eos you like.  Since v2.x and v3.x can be installed on the same machine at the same time, there is not a need to remove the v2.x software/uninstall the older software unless you would like to.

A link to download v2.9.2 for PC can be found here.

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