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Eos Load Cue Macros from v2.3.x to v2.4

Macros written in Eos Family Software to load Cue List onto a playback fader may not work between version 2.4 and previous versions.

With software version 2.4 we have made some fairly extensive changes to the way that fader configuration functions. Because of these changes the console no longer references Playback numbers and instead references fader numbers.

This means that Macros designed to automatically load content onto faders that were written before v2.4 will not work in v2.4; additionally, macros written in 2.4 will not work on previous versions of software.

To map a specific fader in v2.4 your Macro will need to call out {Fader_Load X} or {Fader_Load Master_Fader} where X is the numeric ID of the fader. Previous to 2.4 it would need to call out {Load Cue X}.

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