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Eos May Not Listen to UDP Strings if a Broadcast Source is on the Network


A console may briefly respond to UDP commands on boot, and immediate thereafter stop.

A console may be able to send but not receive UDP strings.

Explanation of Issue

If a broadcast UDP source is on the network with the Eos Family Console, it may overload the network, causing interference in UDP packets which would normally be received by the console.  During this time Eos was still able to send network UDP strings but not receive them.

One example we have seen is from a device called FrameSync which when put on a network sends out a constant UDP broadcast ping until it is configured.  While this is not a problem in and of itself, it was causing Eos to not properly receive incoming UDP packets on it's designated port.  Once FrameSync was configured it stopped broadcasting and Eos was able to see it's UDP strings again.

How Can This Be Determined?

A network tool like Wireshark can be used to see strings on a network, and may be able to help you find if you have a broadcast source stepping on other UDP communication.

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