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Eos Offline Output for Visualizer in OS X Mac

Eos Family Version 2.2.0 and Above

With the introduction of ETCnomad, Eos ETCnomad running on Mac OS X Mavericks (10.9) or higher and meeting the other minimum hardware requirements can output either sACN (E1.31) or ArtNet with a Nomad dongle. EDMX output is not supported. See the  ETCnomad datasheet for more compatibility information. 

Without an ETCnomad dongle, output can be used for visualizers, but it will not be suitable for a show environment. 

Eos Family Version 2.1.2 and Below

Offline output (sACN, ArtNet, EDMX) is not supported on the Mac OS X platform with version 2.1.2 or below.  If you need to get offline output (typically for use with a visualizer), it is recommended to use Eos Family Offline on a Windows PC or run a Windows installation in BootCamp on the Mac computer.

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