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Eos software hangs when Show Media or Model Archive are Network Drives


Eos software intermittently hangs and freezes while I am using it.  I have mapped the Show Archive or another Archive to a cloud service such as OneDrive, Dropbox, Google Drive, etc or to network file share location.

Description/Explanation of Issue

Standard installations of Eos-Family software on PCs and consoles place the Show Archive, Media Archive, and Model Archive in the D:\ drive on the local harddrive so that their contents are always immediately accessible. 

It is possible to change the default location in Shell > Setup > General.  However, doing so may lead to undesirable results such as the Eos software hanging.  This happens as the software tries to access the remote location and enumerate the contents.  


Restore the default path for these Archives using the {Restore Default} button in Shell > Setup > General

If you wish to use a Network drive to back up showfiles, media and Augment3d models, it is recommended that you map the drive separately and do not use it as the Default drive.  The mapped drive will be accessible for saving within the Eos software but should not cause hangs. 

Steps to do so are available in the Eos Family Online Help: Settings > Maintenance, "{Network Drives...}

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