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Fixture Color Fades to White When Going to Blackout in Eos


Fixtures are in one color in a cue, but when executing blackout cue they turn white while fading.

Description/Explanation of Issue

If a fixture changes color while moving from one cue to another, it means its channel has different color values between those 2 cues.

If you notice your fixtures shifting from one color to white as they fade into a blackout cue, check how you are recording your blackout cues.

If you are recording blackout cues by using [GoToCue] [0] or [GoToCue] [Out] and recording that look, you are likely capturing unwanted color parameter levels.

Most RGB colormixing LED fixtures home their color values at full so they output white when intensity is raised. When you go to cue out and release any manual data, you will notice the RGB parameters show 100 in gray (see photo below):

LED RGB Home Values.JPG

These means those color values are at 100% by default and will have that level recorded if you record a cue from this state. So if cue 9 has channel 1 in blue and you record cue 10 as a blackout using the 'gotocue out/0' option, channel 1 will change color from blue to white as it fades out for cue 10.


When recording a blackout cue, the best option is to:

  • Load the previous cue
  • Select the channels that are active
  • Change their intensity to 0
  • Record the next blackout cue

For existing blackout cues that have unwanted color data, you can either:

  • Delete and re-record the blackout cue using the steps above
  • Edit the blackout cue data in blind
    • Go to blind
    • Select the blackout cue number
      • Ex: [cue] [10]
    • Select the channels with unwanted color data and their color parameters, use [at] [enter] command 
      • Ex: <chan> [1] {red} {green} {blue} [at] [enter]
    • By using at enter, you release the levels from the cue and they track through from the previous cue
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