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Go and Stop/Back Buttons Not Triggering a Cue List


When pressing Go, the console does not fire a cue. Stop/Back also does not respond. Go To Cue is working correctly.  


It is most likely that there is no cue list loaded to the Master Playback fader, the two faders above the Go and Stop/Back buttons. Additionally, if this is a multiconsole setup and it works on one console but not the other, this could be due to the consoles having different User IDs. You can still load the cue list or have them both set tot he same User ID so they share a command line.


To load the cue list:

  1. Determine which cue list you want loaded to the Master Playback.
    1. If using an Element or Element 2 console, there is only one possible cue list, Cue List 1.
  2. In Live, type "Cue # /" then press the Load/Master button above the Master Playback faders.
  3. The Go and Stop/Back buttons will now function properly.

To set both consoles to the same User ID so they share the command line:

  1. Navigate to Setup > System Settings > Users
  2. Select the 'User ID' tab and adjust the number

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