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How do I Word Wrap or Make a New Line in Magic Sheets


I want to be able to have the text on my magic sheet not be one long line, but rather a stack of lines.
Is there a way to add a line break in the text of a label for a Magic Sheet?

Description/Explanation of Issue

There is! All it requires is changing the label of the target you are accessing.
When typing in the Label, simply type "||" and this will tell the console to go to the next line.
An example below demonstrates how you can use this with Macro Labels.


  1. First we give the Macro its label, making sure to add the "||" where we want line breaks
  2. Next, in your Magic Sheet Editor, make sure you have one of the Fields pointing to the Label
  3. And just like that, you have line breaks!

An Alternate Method for ETCnomad

On ETCnomad on PC or Mac, you can type text with a carriage return into a text editor, and then copy and paste that text into Eos as a label.  This will bring the carriage return with the text.

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