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How do I merge specific cues between showfiles on an Eos Family console?


Merge is a powerful function that allows you to selectively copy portions of one showfile into another. By default, it will copy the entirety of what you select in the Merge menu; for example, if "Cues" is selected, all Cues and Cue Lists from the previous file will be merged into your current file, replacing any Cues you currently have recorded.

Sometimes, you may only want to merge a certain range of cues, or even one specific single cue.

Note that if the same Cue# exists in your current show, the Merged show's Cue will completely overwrite it.  

It is strongly recommended that you save your current show before performing a Merge.  In the case of unexpected results, you can then revert back to the pre-Merged state.

Steps to Solution 

  1. First, make sure you're in the showfile you want to merge your cues or cue into.
  2. In the File Browser, navigate to File > Merge > Show File Archive, and choose the showfile you'll be copying your cue or cues from.


  3. In order to merge in all cues, simply select "Cues" and skip to the final step.
  4. To select a set of Cue Lists or Cues, click "Advanced," and a blank table will appear. Click "Cues," (since we are merging cues), and you'll see a line appear in the table.


  5. Enter the appropriate values in the table, based on what and where you are copying to and from.
    1. "List" refers to a complete Cuelist in the original showfile that contains the cues you want to copy.
      1. To merge all Cue lists, leave this blank
      2. If you don't work with multiple Cue lists, you can leave this blank, or use "1".
      3. To merge some but not all Cue lists, you must add each list individually.  Press the Down Arrow key to add rows.
    2. "List Target" refers to the Cuelist in your current showfile where you want to copy to. Unless you are working with multiple Cuelists, use "1" or leave this blank.
    3. "Start" is the first cue in the original list that you want to copy. 
    4. "End" is the last cue in the original list that you want to copy.
      1. If you wish to copy all the cues from the "Start" cue to the end of the list, leave this field blank. 
      2. If you only wish to copy a single cue, use that same cue number for both "Start" and "End."
    5. "Target" is the cue number in your current showfile the cue will be copied to. If copying a range, the cues copied will start at this number in your current showfile.
  6. Click "OK" and your cue or cues will be copied into your current showfile.
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