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How to Assign the DMX Address of a Custom Fixture's Parameter in Eos 2.7+


When using Insert to add more parameters to my custom fixture's profile the existing parameters appear to re-number themselves. In addition, a parameter inserted from the Control category always appears at the top of my list. 


It is important to distinguish between a parameter's DMX address and its number in relation to the rest of the parameters in the profile. The image below shows a custom profile whose parameters differ between the column and the DMX column. Ultimately, the fixture will reference the address data from the DMX column so it is important that this matches the manufacturer's DMX specifications. The numbering and order of parameters will not effect the DMX addressing of these parameters. 

Also, the parameter highlighted in gold, "MSpeed," is a Control parameter. By default these parameters will appear at the top of the list when added to the fixture profile. 


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